Merriam-Webster dictionary defines pane as: a framed sheet of glass in a window or door.

•  $7.00 per pane covers inside & outside or approximately $4.20 outside only.

•  1 story = $14 per skylight.  2 story = $20 per skylight.

•  Window screen cleaning $2.10 per screen.

•  New construction is $20.00 per pane (because of the extra work involved)

•  $150 minimum charge per visit

•  Gutter cleaning is $80 per man hour

*Pictures and prices show an example of typical window pricing. Depending on the requirements of the work, prices may vary.

Prices are subject to periodic economic adjustments.

Annual rate increase 5% starting 7/01/2022.

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Our Services

The Flying Squeegee Window Washing provides window washing for residential and light commercial clients in the Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater, WA area. 

We also clean out rain gutters and usually we can clean the outside face of the gutters too.  Cleaning gutters is an often dangerous and dirty job.  For this reason we usually like to schedule this among the last appointments of the day so when we get dirty outside we won't go to another appointment where we will be working inside someone's house while our clothes are still dirty.

Window washing technology has advanced in recent years.  In addition to traditional hand wash window cleaning with a T-bar  with a washer cover applying soapy water to the glass and using professional grade squeegees to remove the soapy water and surface dirt, we also employ deionized water and water fed pole window cleaning technology. 

Why clean windows without soapy water using pure deinized water?  Safety!

OSHA ESTIMATES 345 WORKER DEATHS ANNUALLY IN USA over last 20 years as a result of a Fall from Heights!  That is one of the reasons The Flying Squeegee Window Washing has invested in pure deionized water fed pole cleaning system.  The pure water not only cleans the dirt off more efficiently, it also dries to a spot-free finish as it has no impurities.  Tap water contains many types of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium etc.  These are called Total Dissolved Solids or TDS and are generally measured in hundreds of parts per million.  If you wash a window with tap water the TDS elements don’t evaporate with the water but remain as residue causing “spotting” and ruining a good window cleaning job. So in other words, “water spots” are caused by the minerals left behind when “dirty” water evaporates.  Deionization removes these minerals so there is nothing left to cause spotting.  Pure water cleans glass a lot like soap cleans dirty hands.  Soap molecules cling to the dirt on your hands to make it easier to wash away.  In the same way, pure water wants to return to its “impure state” and so clings to the dirt on the glass making window cleaning significantly easier.  Once the dirt is washed away, all that is left is pure water with little or no TDS elements.  As the water evaporates no residue is left behind leaving sparkling clear glass. 

So the power of pure water means that simply rinsing the glass after scrubbing leaves an excellent streak and spot free glass surface.  No chemicals, no detergents, all that is used is pure, deionized water.


By using pure water waterfed window cleaning will give you the following benefits:

  • Safety – up to four floors can be reached without the need of ladders.
  • Environmentally friendly – no detergents or any type of chemical is used, just pure water.
  • Efficient – cleaning with irrigated poles is up to 50% faster than using ladders.  This minimises interruption to staff or the general public.
  • Thorough cleaning – using a brush means window frames and surrounds are also cleaned as part of the process.
  • Greater reach – areas that are very difficult to get to because of physical constraints can now be cleaned.

“Thanks Rob - so glad we didn't go with the low bidder...we couldn't be happier with the windows.  See you next year!”

– Greg Richards, WA –

“Rob Pearson the owner showed up on time and gave a very reasonable quote.  He was very courteous and removed his shoes upon entering my home.

He did an amazing job and even got the tracks super clean.

I am very particular and could not find any faults.  I will definitely use his services again.”

– Pam, WA –

“Janet and I moved to Tumwater 10 years ago. We were fortunate to hire Rob.  The Flying Squeegee,. He has provided excellent window along with roof and gutter cleaning services. In fact his work and work ethic is second to none. We have been  lucky to find such an honest and hard working individual. Rob has our highest recommendation for his outstanding services. Thank you.”

– Terry and Janet Bullock, WA –

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